Propertis of new vector object Fill and Stroke


Is there any help somewhere how to change dynamically new Stroke and Paint properties in Vector object?
I see that those are Java style Stroke and Paint but what is datatype to give property?

Tommi Vahtera
THT Control Oy

If you are referring to what I am playing with (binding “Fill Paint” and “Stroke Paint”) then I discovered that returning the HEX value in quotes i.e. “00AC00” works. This value is of course obtained from the bottom right hand corner of the popup window when the pencil symbol is pressed. Hope this helps.

IA guys: Is there to be a beginners guide to using the new vector tools - NOTE “beginners” :laughing:


Yes i founded this HEX value also but how to make dynamic bind to change example same time line width,color and style.
If I bind strokepaint property to example label text I can see that value is java.awt… Function.
But if I try to give that function back it does not work?


Dynamically changing stroke styles and paints other than solid is a bit of a sore spot right now, both from a documentation and scripting standpoint. I’ve made a note to bolster this area a bit.