Property Binding

Just a curiosity here:
In terms of ‘bindable properties’, why is the visibility of a component not bindable? I have had many cases where I would like to tie some properties of a component to its visibility and have had to resort to scripting, which is no big deal because it’s fairly simple, but I was just curious.

Adam Graf

Well, lots of properties are not bindable, and there isn’t necessarily a ‘reason’. Any property could be made bindable, but it would take (a small amount of) extra work on our part, so we only make properties bindable that we think will be useful.

That said, you never have to resort to scripting to do this. You simply:
[li]make a new dynamic property on the component (representing the condition that governs the visibility of the component)
[/li][li] bind its visibility to that dynamic property
[/li][li] bind other things to that dynamic property as well.[/li][/ul]

Right, but when binding the visibility to that dynamic property, visibility isn’t a bindable property, so how would that work…?

Nevermid, i’m an idiot. I read too fast. I’ve done that before, too. It’s all good. Sorry

Ok, no problem. Just to clarify for anyone else reading this thread,

The visibility property is not bindable, in that you cannot bind other properties to it, BUT

the visibility property can be bound to anything else.