Property Change script on Root Container Not Executing

I have a custom property on a Root Container and I’m trying to get the property change script to fire if I change the customer property. It doesn’t seem to do that. I’m trying to change partNum1 for example and I don’t get the print statement in the Console. Am I missing something?


Are you doing this in designer or a client?

If your in designer, do you have your designer set to run?


You replied while I was writing back to see if you have designer set to run.

Also your print statement should just be:

print "test"

But for testing this and with where you have it located, I would try:

print event.propertyName

I have tried all of those and it doesn’t make a difference. I normally use print"" but I had swapped back for a test to make sure it wasn’t having and issue. What I’m trying to say is the propertyChange script never executes as I get no print statement.

Here is the script now. I get no output in the console when I change those specific properties.

As long as the designer is set to run, you should at least be getting the print. I can’t think of any reason it wouldn’t fire with it being the first thing in line. Even if the script fails, it would fail after so I’m not sure. I do know if the designer isn’t in preview mode(or what I keep calling run) then property changes don’t happen so it wouldn’t print anything.

Ah there you go. I didn’t have it in run mode. Figured it would be something simple like that.

It normally is but those little things get us all at different times.

It’s weird because I do get other property Change events to print without being in run mode. Maybe different components act differently on it.

I’m not sure, I don’t remember ever seeing any running without being in run/preview mode.

You might be confusing runScript() with propertyChange events. runScript() operates even without preview mode.