Property Editor Filter Properties Default to All?

Is there an option somewhere to set the Property Editor Filter Properties default to All?

Am I missing that somewhere? It seems every time I click on an object I need those extra properties to show.


I don’t know of a way to make it default but you should only need to do this when you first open the designer. After you have told it all it should stay set to all until you close and reopen the designer.

Well, that’s true that it is once per session of Designer… but that only applies to each object or window. When you have a lot of windows and you are working on a massive screen project from the ground up, it seems I am wasting 10% of my clicks per day setting the property filter to ALL over and over again.

It sure would be nice to have it either be global for all objects or per project.


What version of Ignition are you running? I have used pretty much all versions since 7.1 and it stays set to all on all windows and components. I have built our system from the ground up as well. Maybe a version issue or you might need to get the IA people on line with you.

I would like the default value of the Editor Filter Properties to be All.

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yeah, this should be an option to select in the designer startup properties.

I almost made a fool of myseldf on the forum the other day by starting a post saying that some properties on the easy chart were missing. :smiley: Luckily after figuring out how to write to the property thru script and before posting on here, I caught that I had inadvertently selected standard instead of all.

I know I asked for this in a previous post, but I will +1 this one just to honk the horn again.

On Ignition 7.6.4 (b2013112117) | 32-bit I also find setting this once be Designer session is all that is required. However, it is annoying that this reverts back to “Basic” every time the Designer is restarted.

Desired behavior:
1st choice: remember last setting and use it when re-opening designer
2nd choice: if above not practical, give us a setting to choose default startup filter


Properties should at least default to last session.