Property editor scroll bar - can it be left alone?

Can you leave the scroll bar on the Property Editor where it was scrolled to? If I scroll down to the bottom, for instance, and change a property like a database binding, when I close the binding window, the scroll bar moves up to a different area of the properties. So if I want to edit the same property again, I have to scroll back down to the bottom again. It’s just a nuisance, and I’m just a whiner, but I bet I’m not the only one that would like the scroll bar to stay where I left it.

I’ve noticed something else that is quite annoying. When I scroll the bar down to a certain area, and I am about to click on the coffee cup to set a binding, if I pause a bit first, the bar will scroll by itself to another area. What is annoying is if the timing is right, which it has been several times now, when I go to click on a coffee cup, about the time I click, the scroll bar moves and I click on something else and open it up instead. It just seems odd that this scroll bar should move on its own. Please enlighten me if I’m missing something here.