Property expansion in version control (Subversion)

Hi, I would like to use what is called property expansion in Subversion. If I put a keyword such as $Rev$ or $Author$ in my view, and turn on the subversion property to recognize these keywords for the view.json file, when I commit the file, it will be pulled back out of the VC system with the revision keyword expanded. It’s a nice feature to be able to automatically update the version number when files are checked in.

However, when I do this for a particular view, the VC system only checks back out the view’s view.json file, it doesn’t update the corresponding thumbnail.jpg and resource.json files, and I assume it can’t update them because it doesn’t know what the signature and thumbnail should be.

I can take the resource/thumbnail files, and get them updated in the view by opening the view in Designer, and telling it I want to use the gateway-stored view, and then check both of them in. But now of course the resource and thumbnail files are a different revision from the view file, and that will be at the least confusing, and also at least somewhat against the spirit of version control.

Does anybody have any ideas on this?