Property expression

I bound the fill property of a template’s component to a boolean property…no problem. I then decided that I wanted to base the fill on a combination of 2 boolean properties. I OR’ed them under expression and it threw some error. (don’t recall the specific error). Should work. 2 boolean properties should evaluate to a boolean and be usable to customize a fill color…

Ok, when you use an expression binding on a fill paint the expression must return a color. So it was complaining because it was returning a boolean. You need something like this:if({Path/To/Tag1} && {Path/To/Tag2}, toColor("red"), toColor("green"))You use the toColor function to return a color.

I was hoping to use the result of the expression to then create a blinking color if true…is that possible under this scenario?

You could do something like

(toInt(dateFormat(Now(), "SS")) % 2 == 1)

and you’ll have something to blink against every 1 second. The syntax might be a little wonky without looking at the expression editor, but I think you get the general idea.

I know I’m a couple of subversions behind, but is there a Style customizer you can use? Do an initial setup and then modify the Styles dataset?

You could most certainly use a style customizer to blink! Set up the custom property as the driving property for the customer, then modify the state of Foreground Color or Fill Color. You can set an animation between two colors and that will make the component appear to blink.

That its exactly what I was trying to do but with the OR of two boolean properties in the form of an expression.

I wanted to create a single semi transparent mask for my template that would be different colors/flashing based on different boolean combinations of a set of boolean prope rties…red flashing if a or b, green for a and b and c…