Property not bindable Vision

Hi there!

I have a question about property binding in Vision, if I want to set a property binding I don’t have all the properties to chose, for example I want to set the Enabled button to a different state using property binding, but I don’t have the option Enabled (see picture below),

When I use python script on a click event, the option is Enabled is possible, but I want it on a state from the PLC.

Is there a way to enabled the options which is missing, or an other solution?

Thankyou all

No, the source of a property binding must be a one that fires propertyChange events. There’s no magic that could make a property do so if not built in. The developers of a component mark which properties do that, so the designer can show them as eligible source properties.

If you used a binding to drive enabled on a component, create a custom boolean property and move the original binding there. Then bind enabled to the new component. Wherever else you need that status in a binding, bind to the custom property.