Property object/array 'add property' button disappeared

Hello folks,

It seems some features of the designer took some time off.
I launched a designer this morning to find out the ‘add property’ (or whatever it’s called) button is just gone !
For example, I can’t add styles manually anymore:

I can add ONE key/value pair, using the ‘Add Object Member’ button that appears on empty objects, but then I’m stuck. Unless I start using bindings to generate properties, but I’m not about to start doing that for everything !


It’s the same for any property object and array.
I’ll try rebooting various things and contacting support if that doesn’t fix it, but in the meantime if someone has experienced this and found a solution…

Version is 8.1.18

Alright, rebooting the designer didn’t help, but rebooting the computer fixed it:

The little + is back !

Someone still might want to take a look at this though…

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