propertyChange problem in Parameterized Windows

I am trying to log setpoint value changes using a Transaction Group triggered by propertyChange events on the text field components of several parameterized windows. Problem is that whenever the window is reopened with new parameters, some of the components (the ones which have different values from the previous instance) fire a propertyChange event. What is the best way to ignore these initial events? I am thinking about adding a timer to the window and ignoring any events in the first second or two that the window is opened. Is there a more elegant solution?

Thanks - Bryce
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Hi Bryce,

Been mulling this for a bit-- usually in between Christmas cookies… :thumb_right:

I was wondering if this would be better handled by the built-in auditing within Ignition.

Jordan - Good thought, but setpoint changes can come from either authorized Ignition users or from A-B HMIs on the production floor. I want to know from whence the setpoint came, and by whom. Therefore, I have setpoint input fields on both Ignition and HMI screens trigger the Transaction Group to log the change with appropriate information. I haven’t really used auditing - could it account for changes made from outside Ignition?

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