Proprietary project files

Is there anyway to make a project file to be proprietary to a certain company so that only the company is allow to modify or edit or export and import the file ?

Ignition 7.9 and prior have something called OEM Lock that might do you’re looking for, but Ignition 8.0 does not have any equivalent.

I’m not sure OEM Lock is even in the manual and I think you need to contact your sales person to use it.

Other than the OEM lock (which I haven’t used), the only way to control intellectual property in the Ignition platform is to write your protected code/visuals into a java add-on module (with the SDK).

Hi Kevin,

Great to hear that there is a solution available!

Any idea when it will be available for 8.0 as most of our projects are using 8.0 ?

Hi pturmel,

We have initially looking into using modules to protect the project files but have not much experience in developing a module though we do have experience in java.

Is it possible that you could share with us a sample codes about it ?

We don’t have a timeline for adding something like this to 8.0.

I’m personally not a fan of the idea because it can’t be implemented securely. Even in 7.9 it was more obscurity than actual security, and there’s no way to implement this that satisfies the requirements in a secure way. The reality is that if a gateway can run the project then it must be decoded or unencrypted and any slightly determined adversary could get the unprotected project.

There are other people here who do support the idea, though, so it may happen anyway.


While I have modules in the market, they are proprietary. So no, no samples other than the snippets I’ve posted in the module development category of the forum. However, IA offers numerous examples on github here.

Thanks for sharing pturmel !