Prosysopc java sdk + ignition server subcriptions dont work


i’m trying to subcribe items from ignition opc ua server, my client is being developed with the prosys java sdk.

subscription is added to client and the items are added to subscription. but it seems that no notifications are sent from server to client and after few seconds the subcription disappears from server, so when i try to add another item i get this message “ServiceResult=Bad_SubscriptionIdInvalid (0x80280000) “The subscription id is not valid.””

the same code works with KEPserver and Software Toolbox Omniserver.

Here is my code:

MonitoredDataItem item=new MonitoredDataItem(new NodeId(ns,tag), Attributes.Value, MonitoringMode.Reporting); 

is Ignition different from other servers or is it a bug???

I’ll have to test this out and let you know. I do remember testing with Prosys at the interop in Germany last year and things working, so we’ll have to see if anything changed.

What version of Ignition are you you testing against and what version of the Prosys SDK are you using?


I’m using Prosys SDK v1.1.2.1941 and Ignition 7.2.1 (b6516). Both of them are demo version.

Thanks in advace.

Well, I’m waiting on Prosys’ barbaric download process, which apparently requires me to wait for an actual person to email me a download link.

In the mean time, I tested with the OPC Foundation’s .NET Sample Client and was able to make subscriptions and add items without problem, so it will be interesting to see how this develops.

yep, i also tried with unified automation client and it also works, it’s the combination of ignition+prosys that doesn’t work.

regards :smiley:

Prosys still hasn’t gotten back to me with a usable login/pw to download the SDK. Do you think you could send it to me?

OK here’s what I’ve found initially using the sample client the SDK comes with: the client makes a subscription, adds an item to it, but then never sends any PublishRequests to the Ignition OPC-UA Server.

No PublishRequests coming in means no values, and the subscription times out and is deleted.

To be continued…

But publishrequests are supposed to be sent automatically, no? So, is it a problem in prosys sdk??

Here’s where we stand:

Prosys SDK was not sending PublishRequests because Ignition OPC-UA server didn’t have a ServerStatus node in service. Once I added one I got a deserialization error from the Prosys SDK when it tried to deserialize the ServerStatus node. I’m working them via email to get this all resolved but it’s rather slow since there’s 24 hours between each email.

The ServerStatus node I’m returning is correct as far as the latest published OPC-UA spec and the OPC-UA sample client can read from it, but it wouldn’t be the first time the OPC foundation has changed something without updating the spec.

I’ll let you know what happens next…

Ok, thanks a lot. I hope all this can be solved :smiley: