Proxy Server, Web Dev and Timeout Error

I am having issues trying to navigate using a proxy server for the purpose of API calls. Proxy is another Ignition gateway that has Web Dev and is receiving ongoing posts from AWS endpoint. When I receive post proxy should then post to my main Ignition gateway which has Web Dev as well and I will write to memory tag and other work for db.
In proxy I am writing to tag as well for testing purposes. The proxy is receiving posts just fine cause I can see data in memory tag but I still get this timeout error:

I also can’t post to the main client gateway from the proxy. I am using this code to test with:

	jsonEntry = request['data']
	if len(jsonEntry['payload']['decoded_vin']) > 1:
		headers = request['headers']
		system.tag.writeBlocking(["[default]Another_Test_Post"], str([jsonEntry]))
		url = "", postParams=jsonEntry, headerValues=headers)
		return {'response': 'Posted successfully!'}
		msg_test = "Issue with payload or vin is missing"
		return {'response': msg_test }

Hello Richard,

From what I gather from your post, you’re seeing this error message on the proxy gateway correct? Are you seeing any error messages on your main gateway? I’m also assuming the url displayed was just for the purposes of hiding your endpoint, but you’ll want to make sure that’s set to the actual endpoint url of the main gateway.

Could you also clarify where the code is located that you posted? Is that from the same doPost that’s generating the timeout error? Or is that code a completely separate test to post to the main gateway?

I would also suggest utilizing the functions instead of The newer functions are more robust.

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Sorry about late response.
First want to thank you for responding to my question. I think the devops guys are in progress of solving this issue. The proxy server isn’t configured properly in regards with the OT/IT networks. You can close this question or delete it if you want.