Psychrometric charts?


I was wondering if anyone has tried to produce a psychrometric chart in Ignition? I am looking at creating this but I am unsure if Ignition has this ability or not. For those that don’t know, a psychrometric graph basically charts the humidity ratio on the verticals, dry-bulb temp on the horizontal, and relative humidity as a percentage bands throughout. It is used to troubleshoot environmental issues. The challenge is to create a dynamic graph that allows for the plotting against these three variables.

Just thought I would ask here before I spend the next few days doing a deep dive. I appreciate any insight in creating custom non-linear graph applications!

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A live psychrometric chart would be really useful for some of the large HVAC projects I work on. It should be a very neat project to work on!

While I have no experience doing this, I expect you’ll rely on Vision’s chart component since it has the configureChart extension function. This allows you to use the JFreeChart library.

Best of luck, and let us know how you make out!

In Perspective, this seems not possible in my opinion, probably in Vision configuring a Chart with JFreeChart. And maybe even better with a pintable canvas.
Have you used Matlab? try to create functions and create linespaces and store it somewhere like a dataset, then try to render them in part as series of your chart. You need some knowledge with libraries for this one.

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‘Live’ graphing is the hardest part. I could see ‘pre-rendering’ this chart relatively easily by generating an SVG programatically. Unfortunately, it’s enough of a niche chart that there’s no prebuilt solutions for web or Swing that I could see; the few examples I found for web wouldn’t easily translate to Perspective even if you had a custom module.