Public variables

I realize this topic may or may not have been touched on. But, how can I pass variables from one page to another?

Custom session properties. Or session-scoped messages.

You say page, do you mean you’re navigating to another page from the current page and want to pass params to the new page?

Somewhat, yes. I’d like to have a popup send a string back to the vision page it was called from. I looked at some of the examples that @pturmel has on the forum and tried to follow some youtube videos…but it all seems vague in the description. So, I don’t want to send to the popup, but retrieve variables from the popup. If this ISN’T achievable…I suppose I could find another way around the proverbial holly bush.

So, some terminology first: Perspective has sessions and pages and views. Vision has clients and desktops and windows and templates.

In Vision, the simplest approach to sharing data among windows on a per-client basis is to use “Client tags”, which are bindable like gateway tags, but exist purely in memory in the client itself. Have the appropriate elements in both the opening window and popup window bind to the same client tags. Possibly use a tagpath parameter in the popup’s root container to indirectly bind to different client tags for different calling windows. (Bidirectional bindings in the popup, naturally.)

A more advanced approach would use Java Swing “Client Properties” to stash a reference to the calling window in the popup window’s JComponent. This is typically only necessary if you are using openWindowInstance() to open the calling windows.

I feel like Wayne in saying not worthy LOL. You sir are the Jedi in the forum.

I will dig deeper into what you have outlined. There are so many ways around the holly bush in ignition, but I struggle with this. I’m sure I’ll be back to ask more questions, as I was recently redirected the last 2 weeks onto another project and can now focus on this.