Publish Mode and Commit Messages are missing

Project Properties / General Publishing Settings are missing from my Ignition 8 beta download from 11-Feb-2019.
I don’t have the Publish Mode or Commit Messages.
Will there still be separation between Staging and Published versions in Ignition 8?

No, staging and published modes no longer exist.

Commit messages are gone as well.

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Will Ignition 8 included something to replace the staging client’s function of testing changes before rolling out to production clients?

No. The official strategy we want to endorse going forward is to use separate staging and production gateways. I think 8.1 will include features to support this strategy and make it easier.

Will that be double the license or is something going to be made available for staging?

I’ll come back to this topic on Tuesday with more answers.


Ok, so I was only half right. The strategy will be to use staging and production gateways once we have introduced licensing changes and features to support that, probably in 8.1.

In 8.0 you can sort of emulate staging/publish by making a copy of your project, doing development on the copy, then “publishing” to the production version by sending resources or copying and overwriting it.



I realize that this is a dated topic, however I have a customer requesting more details on development environment in 8.x. Can you point me to resources with more information on this? Would like to present them with the supported solution from IA.

Edit: Specifically, has the licensing you mention been implemented, and where can we find out more?


The licensing changes I mentioned have not been implemented. I think the current target is late Spring, released along with whatever becomes Ignition 8.1.

As far as best practices beyond the simple strategy I mentioned it’s probably best to get in touch with a sales engineer via your sales rep and see what they’re currently recommending.