Publish Project on the Web


We have several projects that we can access through our company network, but there is one client that does not have access to our network. Is there a way to make the project “public” so that our client can access it through the internet from anywhere?

I don’t know if this it something that can be done with Ignition or if it’s through something else. Honestly, when it comes to networking I always feel pretty lost, so sorry if I seem “ignorant”. :blush:

Thanks in advance!


It’s certainly possible, but it’s just going to come down to working with IT because it’s just an issue of setting up your network correctly.

That being said… don’t turn yourself into another automation security news story. Have the client use VPN to access the project if you can.

Doesn’t accessing the project over HTTPS provide adequate security?

I’ve always been under the impression that if a VPN account was compromised, the intruder would have access to the entire network, but if a project communicating over HTTPS was compromised, the intruder would only have access to an Ignition project?

I guess it depends what your definition of adequate is. HTTPS is certainly secure enough, but the idea of a SCADA system being remotely accessible doesn’t sit well with me :stuck_out_tongue:

And yes, what you say about VPN is true I guess (not really sure about all the ways you can configure a VPN account to limit accessibility to the network once signed in…), but it doesn’t seem to prevent practically every company from having VPN access set up to their networks, whatever that’s worth.


I think I understand what I need to do.

Thanks for the help. I really appreciate it.


VPN concentrators should be firewalled from the corp network. Often VPN accounts are put into different ‘access’ groups and limited in what they can do.

No security is perfect!