Publish to AWS SNS from Ignition Alarms

I am looking into using Ignitions Alarm functionality to trigger a script that will then pass the details of the alarm to an SNS topic in AWS. I have been having trouble getting the 3rd party library python import process to work but it seems like the version disparity is causing an issue. I was hoping to see if anyone out there had attempted this and was able to accomplish the basic functionality.

I don’t have any details about AWS SNS, but I thought I’d provide a little about python.

Ignition supports Python 2.5 (The interpreter used is called Jython). Almost all pure-python libraries written for Python 2.5 work in Ignition. There are a number of python libraries that aren’t pure-python, unfortunately. These (like scipy, numpy, and others) can’t be loaded in Ignition.

Most libraries today are written for both Python 2.7 and 3. Some Python 2.7 libraries work in Python 2.5 and some don’t. Many of these libraries also have a 2.5 version, but some do not.

Although it doesn’t help today, the next version of Ignition (8.0) is planned to include Python 2.7 support through an updated Jython library, which is good news for more easily importing the newest python libraries in the future.

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