Publish to MQTT Topic From RPi

I’m trying to use the Cirrus-Link mqtt modules to publish to a topic from a raspberry pi. I have paho mqtt installed on the raspberry pi. I have a user setup in distributor as user: rpi and password: raspberry. Next, I setup a custom namespace of rpi/# using the json payload option. I’m using a python script on the pi to attempt to publish to a topic in distributor to have it exposed as a tag in ignition:

import paho.mqtt.client as mqtt

broker_url = 'Igntion's ip address here'
broker_port = 1883

print ('connecting to broker...')

client = mqtt.Client()

print ('publishing to topic...')

client.publish(topic='rpi/TestingTopic',payload='TestPayload', qos=1, retain=False)

print ('publish successful')

I don’t see any tags after publishing to the topic. any ideas? PS, I used another python script to verify that the connection is successful, it is connecting to the Cirrus-Link Distributor, I’m just not seeing any publish results.