Publishing vs Staging Question

I’m just trying to clarify something. I understand the difference between publishing and staging for projects.

If after I’ve trying something new in a staging project, do I just exit the designer to revert back to the existing project?

I know I could also reload a backup project if needed, but I’d rather not do that for this particular process.


If I understand you correctly you want to test a new feature out and then remove that feature from the project :scratch:

Regardless exiting the designer keeps the project as it was last saved, typically this is the last saved staging version of the project (depending on how you have it configured).

So if you haven’t saved anything when using the designer then yes it will revert to the existing project. :slight_smile:

In my work flow I typically test out features that are not going to be implemented in a cloned project.

If you save something in the designer, regardless of what mode you’re in, if you exit and then restart the designer, it will load that last save. The staging mode just prevents a project in production from being altered, i.e. it doesn’t affect any clients running the project.

Like Josh said, you can clone the project before messing with anything by going into Config -> Projects in the gateway and making a copy. You’ll also notice on that same screen that there’s options for “export published” and “export staging” for projects that have staging and published versions of the same project. If you made some changes you don’t like, you can always revert to the export of the last published version of the project.

If you’re hinting at Ignition having a version control system, it doesn’t currently, but it is on our dev team’s radar: