Pulling controllogix Rslogix5000 tag based alarms into Ignition

I saw a topic some time last year about pulling the tag based alarm from compactlogix about which the forum basically said it’s not possible. A year gone by now, and with 30 + of controllogix systems coming up in our projects. Can anybody shed light on if this is possible or have anyone tried to pull tag based alarms from controllogix 5580 Rslogix5000 to ignition? Thanks in advance.

This would be scripting intensive if possible. You’d have to export them to add translation. Then take a look at that file, and figure out how to create Ignition alarms off of it. If that file gives enough data to even do that it.

I don’t think its impossible but very heavy on the scripting to make it work seamlessly.

See below from rockwell documentation…

A system may have thousands of alarm messages that need to be translated. To simplify this process, you can export alarm messages to a file, add translated messages in multiple languages to the file, and then import the file back into your project. Any of the languages you translate the strings into must be supported by FactoryTalk View.
You can enter text strings in multiple languages in two ways.
1.In RSLogix 5000 software version 16 or earlier, create alarm messagesin one language, and use the RSLogix 5000 Export tool to export theproject’s tags, logic comments, descriptions and alarm messages fromRSLogix 5000 to a comma-separated value (.csv) file or a text (.txt)file. The text strings can be translated into other languages and addedto the file. Then use the RSLogix 5000 Import tool to import thestrings back into the project.
2.In RSLogix 5000 software version 17 or later, you select a language forthe project, and then in the Project Documentation Language Configuration dialog box you export a localization file that containsdocumentation from the project. The documentation included in thetext (*.txt) file includes user-defined logic comments, componentnames, and alarm messages. The text strings can be translated intoother languages and added to the file. Use the Project Documentation Language Configuration dialog box to import strings back into theproject. See Translating alarm messages using RSLogix 5000 version 17or later on page 132.

Simple answer: No, Ignition’s native driver cannot read Logix tag-based alarms (or other metadata).


Have you considered not using tag based alarms? With the of UDTs, both in Logix and Ignition, alarming is very simple and painless.

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I agree, but sometimes you’re switching from one platform to another and, perhaps modifying the program structure of many systems is less than convient.

The problem is that Allen Bradly has purposefully made this feature extremely difficult to use in other vendors software. It’s intended to be used in conjunction with FTView.

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