Purging Gateway Database tag folders

So I develop the world’s best Ignition solution for my customer using a lovingly crafted DB connector. However when my customer takes a look at my work he goes “That DB connector you have there, the name is offensive to me. Change it!!!”

So I go into the gateway and do a rename of the DB connector. No big deal. Less than a minute to do (and not much more needed fixing the project). However when I then browse the system tags …

  • I still see the offensive tags listed under “Gateway/Database/OffensiveName”.
  • These tags have survived a restart of the GW (using gwcmd)
  • These tags survived a full reboot of the GW server itself.

How do I purge these old/irrelevant system tags?


I was a little bit hasty with my question. The tags are gone, but the folder that contained them still remained. Basically the same question though.

I wouldn’t necessarily touch the system tag folders, believe those are all autogenerated by the system and modifying/deleting seems like a good way to mess something up.

What version are you using? Generally anytime you ask a question here, you should list what version as sometimes its a known bug fixed in the next iteration.

What was the offensive name exactly, perhaps the name itself had something in it problematic to ignition like a reserved keyword or something.

To answer your questions:

  • This is for v8.1.2, Linux
  • The name being “offensive” was meant as a joke. The situation is simply that I am renaming a DB connector
  • Even though you are presented with a contextual menu for deleting a system folder, it does nothing
  • I expect that the system folders are autogenerated. But the auto generation seems to to be failing in this case.