Push project update on schedule

As of 8.1.11 is there a way to leave a project vision property in notify mode but push on a schedule, like when there aren’t many people around… I have TVs displaying dashboards in my main project, which gets saved a lot which is causing some demand for this to stop. But having all the vision clients set to the same mode makes either choice inconvenient depending on who is using the client. Another idea might be to push updates based on hostname…
Has anyone come up with a good idea to manage this without creating a separate project or gateway.

I would create a separate project for all dashboards, set to push. Project(s) for human users get set to notify. Put common resources in an inheritable project.

This isn’t really possible currently, but we have plans to implement a third update mode and a scripting function to trigger project updates:

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You could update on notification for specified hosts and/or on a schedule (rather than on idle as in this script):