Push to another gateway

This is taking the stage and push feature of 7.2 one step farther.

In many places you can not edit the production system. You have to edit an off-line system and then test the changes as they migrate through various environments eg: development, system test, user test, production.

I know you can backup from one gateway and restore to another, automating it would be a wonderful thing. :smiley:

Yep, this is a good idea. We do have plans for a module that would include this functionality.

This came up in discuss again. Any progress?

Still just plans, but they are getting more solid. We have a plan to execute on the plan. :mrgreen:

Well, that’s a step forward from a plan to plan :smiley:

May be done as: “Gateway” watching a some folder and if it finds the latest version of the project, it will automatically load it?
Or embed this functionality in scripts. For example, create function “LoadBackupToGateway”? In this version you can programmatically control the process.

I’d be happy with a manual process to start with.

Me too :smiley: