Push-updating Vision clients remotely when set to Notify?

Is it at all possible to “push” an update to Vision clients set to Notify? I have a change the site wants pushed out immediately to all 70 clients on site that are currently set to Notify. For the most part, Notify is the correct mode, but sometimes changes need to be pushed regardless of mode if they’re important.

I’m not sure if there’s a way to do this without already having something in place on the clients to support it. The problem is the first update (to supply the message handler or something to support this) will be with the notify setting.

You could definitely force an update on clients set to notify via a message handler or other client code if you already had it on them. You’d use system.util.retarget and target the project they’re already running. We set clients to notify, but also have code on them to update themselves if left idle long enough. This could just as easily be triggered by a message or tag change.

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Maybe by killing the client connections from the gateway?

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Yes, it’s not exactly an update, but will force them to start the client again which will give them the update.