Pushing a new project via source control not restarting gateway scripts

I found that in Ignition version 8.1.9, it doesn’t appear that pushing a new project (via source control) with project scripts triggers a restart of the gateway scripts.

This is causing problems as I’m trying to push a project with a project script that can then be used by an Identity Provider’s User Attribute Mapping via the Gateway Scripting Project.

To attempt to draw it out:
User tries to login → Identity Provider → User Attribute Mapping → RunScript(testScript.MyFunc) → Gateway Scripting Project = X project → X project.testScript.MyFunc

This workflow works fine when testing locally but as soon as I pushed the project to other servers via source control tools (aka not via the Import Project GUI), I get an error saying Error mapping attributes...testScript.MyFunc is not found and my identity provider doesn’t return the correct mapped attributes.

If I disable X project, then it starts functioning as expected. And I noticed that on disabling the project, the logs show Restarting gateway scripts but this log does not show when pushing the project via source control. (And I’ve waited well past the 5 minute file scan timer to see if it restarts, as in waited hours and checked back to see if there was an update).

Has anyone run into this issue? I know my problem appears to be Identity Provider specific but I don’t think it is, I think it is any function that requires the Gateway Scripting Project.

Any help is appreciated!

After further troubleshooting, there was an error in how we were setting our system properties via the Ignition SDK. There wasn’t an error with the gateway scripts restarting after pushing a new project via source control. We weren’t notifying of the record being updated so the rest of the system wasn’t aware of a Gateway Scripting Project update.