Putting a View in a Map or Using Map tools to Navigate a View

Hello, I am using Ignition 8.1.5 and was wondering if anyone knows of a way to achieve the following in a simple way.

On the map component there is a lot of viewing area manipulation tools and I would like those features to be able to be applied to a view so I can easily zoom scroll and draw rectangles to zoom to that size (essentially all the features included on the map as listed below). I can think of ways to do this but they all seem quite involved so I was looking to get some opinions/assistance on this.


If you mean in runtime you can use a empty map and put your final final as UI.view and pass your current map zoom level to the view.
In view use zoom level to hide and show objects and also bind it to view.style.zoom property to scale your view.
It works for large pages very good.
But what you really ask is cluttering decluttering feature. I hope in near future IA make a new container with those option.

@nader.chinichian Thanks for the tip, I was trying this out today. I want to be able to zoom in and out of a large P&ID View using the map component. I did everything as you stated, issue is that if you zoom in and out on the map the view zooms in and out but off-center. So you are not zooming into the middle of the view or where you are focusing, be it mobile or desktop. How did you get around this? My P&ID is in a Coordinate View that is set to static.

Or, since this is an old post, have you found a better way to handle zooming in and out of Large views on mobile/desktop?

I develop my own zoom and panning view
The best way of create module but we use our python

Thanks for the reply, I am rather then going to wait for Ignition to implement a zoom container. As I see it is under consideration.