PyDataSet columns

To get the column headers from a pydataset I know I can do this:

ds = system.dataset.toDataSet(myPyDataSet)
column_headers = ds.getColumnNames()

but is there some method of getting the headers directly from a pydataset without doing the conversion?

Hi JGJohnson,

column_headers = myPyDataSet.getUnderlyingDataset().getColumnNames()

Awesome! Thanks nick.

BTW getColumnNames() returns a list of type java.util.Collections.UnmodifiableRandomAccessList and it has no .index() method, so be sure to use .indexOf() instead.

There are probably other differences as well.

If you want the column names as a regular python list and not a java.util.Collections.UnmodifiableRandomAccessList then covert it using the “list” function like so:

column_headers = list(myPyDataSet.getUnderlyingDataset().getColumnNames())
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