Pylib Folder Size


The user-lib/pylib folder has gotten massive on a gateway. Not sure why, but the are big modules included. See below:

We did an upgrade using the zip file and it installed all modules. Could have caused this. What is the safest way to trim it down to a stock installation? Just delete those modules?

The gateway backup is now over 100MB due to these modules.


Someone has been playing with stuff that Ignition doesn’t support–like numpy. Those aren’t standard parts of Ignition. It looks like someone is using pip directly in the Ignition tree instead of the recommend separate install w/ copying.

Ignition modules themselves don’t add to pylib, and aren’t included in gateway backups, so I doubt that is your problem.

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Those modules are currently in the backup. That screenshot is from 7zip taken of the content of the gwbk.

Is safe to delete or should I do a fresh install?

Find out how they got there. Those extra modules are not part of the zip installer. Someone on your end used pip to put them there. If you truly aren’t using them, yes, delete them.

Also, note the distinction between Ignition modules and python modules. You are using “modules” for python add-ons where it usually means something else on this forum. The zip installer can add Ignition modules. It has a very limited set of python modules–none few of which are shown in your list.

I fixed this by deleting the entire user-lib/pylib folder prior to upgrading. The installer repaired the folder and all is how it should be again.

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