Python float division, then binding, returns rounded int

My code: [code]
price = system.db.runNamedQuery(‘Costing/FabricPricing’, params)
if qty >= 15:
price = float(price)/2
event.source.parent.getComponent(‘Price 3’).floatValue = price


the price returned in this situation is $225, so divided by two will be a float value of 112.50, but it always comes out as 113? Every way I’ve tried always comes out to 113. I have the decimal format configured to $#,##0.00
Any ideas on the culprit?

Float the 2 as well.
price = float(price)/float(2)
print price

I already tried that, works in the console but not after the binding. still 113.00

Do you have the number type on the control set to float?

Smack to the head. I didn’t see that dropdown, figured it would set it to float when binding to .floatValue. Thanks