Python libraries - Are they Ignition Libraries or other?

I’m working with some existing content that our customer wants utilized in a project we are building.
There is a navigation script file that is used to configure the client on launch.
The scripts in this file contain some library references I am not familiar with and can’t seem to find any help for online.
I’m hoping someone here can point me in the right direction to find the relevant documentation.

The two I’m having trouble sourcing info on are noted below.

from client import actions
from navigation import pages

Any one know where I can find documentation on these libraries?


What kind of functions from these package is the script using? I don’t think those are included libraries in Ignition as far as I can tell after some research. Without knowing the details of the situation there, I’m wondering if parts of this project were brought over from another gateway that may have had those two packages installed. Also, if it came from another gateway then perhaps its another Ignition module that added these, try comparing the modules on each gateway.

From the actions module of the client library:

value = actions.launch(retarget=0)

From the pages module of the navigation library:

currentPages = pages.pageSet()
currentPages.setPages(mainPages.value, subPages.value)
startupPage = currentPages.getStartupPage(key)
currentPages.setCurrentPages(startupPage.label, startupPage.path, startupPage.clientTags)

Where the mainPages and the subPages tags are datasets.

Does that help?
I’ve searched for the various key words but have come up blank on these.


That seems like something custom someone made. Any odd modules on the source gateway?

I’m not sure what the “page” stuff is about - sounds like a window, I can’t imagine IA calling it a page instead of a window.

Yeah, kind of my thought as well. I can’t find anything in their SDK documentation so I went looking for Python and Jython references. Neither have panned out.
There aren’t any odd modules on the Gateway.

I’m trying to understand their navigation (it’s pretty convoluted) in order to modify it so their top and left navigation menus (both are custom built using templates, UDT, and other “built in” tags) in order to update the top/left nav menus when operators use in screen navigation.

Thanks for the help!

Are there files/folders named client and navigation in the user-lib/pylib folder on the gateway, in the install directory?

Sorry, but I don’t have access to the actual server, just the Gateway Home & Status tabs, the Designer, and the Client via a VPN. :frowning:

I may be able to ask someone, but I’m guessing the folks on the customer side likely would have information on any installed libraries. Maybe there is some documentation there. I’ll ask!


You can check on your local machine - the pylib folder from the gateway is automatically downloaded to your local machine when you launch a client; check the .ignition cache (if Windows, the path will be %userprofile%\.ignition\cache\<gateway IP address>\C0\pylib)


Hey thanks!
That’s good to know.
I have verified that these are customer generated custom libraries and hove gotten some information from them on these.

Thanks for the help!

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Can I delete these files? in the ignition/cache folder?

Yes, if you need to, you can delete the entire .ignition/ cache folder (or files/directories within) and the client will automatically download whatever they require on next launch.