Python time.sleep in 8.0.6 - Gone/Bug?

In our project now, time.sleep appears undefined. Appears to have happened after upgrade to 8.0.6?

Our current build: 8.0.6-rc1 (b2019102814)

So we can’t do:
import time


Is this intended or a bug? Anyone else experience?

Thank you.

Sounds like a good thing. If you are using any form of sleep in a script, you’ve almost certainly screwed up. (Though there are cases where it is reasonable in a dedicated background thread. Use java’s Thread.sleep() for such cases.)

Do you have a project script library that’s literally called time? That looks like a namespace collision, not an import error; the object being referenced (that’s cut off) is probably a ProjectScriptModule.

Wow embarassing. Why did we name a project script as time?

Someone who did this is incredibly stupid, and it TOTALLY wasn’t me ;).

Thank you for the help!