Python tutorial

here is a pretty good tutorial on python.

Cool, thanks diat :slight_smile:

Everyone else: Ignition (as of 7.2.7) is using Python 2.1. If you’re going through this tutorial, and some things in it don’t work in Ignition, that’s probably why.

You can find the Python 2.1.3 API here:

yeah I guess I should have mentioned that!. regardless, coming from wonderwares scripting, I wish I had thought to look for this a year ago. probably would have saved me a little bit of headache and tech support calls. Its a good starting point on learning the python syntax.

That’s it? A guy on youtube and an commands listing? Are there any other manuals around? We are think of switch from FTSE, but I must say the manual is lacking… Always open for link suggestions, thanks team.

As of Ignition 7.4, we use Jython 2.5.2, which corresponds to Python 2.5.2. You can learn that however you please, from some guys youtube video, buying a book on amazon, or simply googling for tutorials.

I’ll see if I can find a link to a book that covers 2.5 specifically.

Edit: Looks like this one does.

Dive Into Python:
An Introduction To Jython:
Jython Documentation & Learning:

Khan Academy has some good videos under Computer Science.
Here is the first one. … -variables
And here is link to main site.

Website to teach 8 year olds Python

I found this series to be really helpful and interesting. It’s a series of lectures from MIT, they use Python as the programming language but they go through a lot of good general computer science theory.

[quote=“Kyle Chase”]Website to teach 8 year olds Python[/quote]
:laughing: This is great - I’ll show it to my 9 year old. See if it really is for kids :laughing:

Talking about teaching kids to program, here are two projects for Java that seem cool:

I tried to start my 7 month old on it, but the idea of polymorphism is a bit tough for someone who can’t even really grasp object permanence… :slight_smile:

I think I saw Alice in The Last Lecture. You guys seen it?

Thanks Team, I am trying to throw some samples to compete with a FTSE historian and I was a little stuck.

Python’s website has helpful documentation :

indeed it was such an amazing tutorial specially for this type of pandemic situation finally I have something to during this pandemic.