QAD MFG - OpenEdge DB Querying

I’m attempting to pull live customer order information from an existing ERP system (QAD MFG).
The backing data store for their system is a Progress OpenEdge Database.
I’ve successfully installed the OpenEdge JDBC driver in Ignition, can query successfully, and can see all tables/columns in Ignitions Query Browser Tool.

The problem is, I can’t seem to query the right data. The entity model used by QAD is complex, and after referencing their official technical document, the queries I do write seem to always time out if they work at all.

Checking the gateway logs reveals the queries take 2-5 minutes, which is enough time for my designer to have a socket-timeout exception and drop the gateway connection entirely.

Can I configure the gateway to wait longer for queries to return, or do I have other options here?

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

There is a URL option for socketTimeout in the MySQL JDBC driver – there might be something similar for the OpenEdge driver, too.
Also, there is a per-project setting for query timeouts from clients and designers that you will probably have to raise.

Unfortunately the driver supplied had no URL options for this, and I wasn’t able to find the per-project setting.

I was able to circumvent the Query Browse problem by making a scanclass with a long delay (5 minutes) and setting a Query Tag to the desired query. Debugging is slow, but at least I get the data!

Thanks for your suggestions!

Did you look at the “Timing” Section of Project Properties?

I did, but had only changed the “Connect” Timeout previously, as my designer client was the thing disconnecting :disappointed_relieved:
Upping the Read Timeout fixed the issue though, thanks!

I wish the Query Browser window displayed something like “Query timed out after XX.XX seconds…” instead of throwing a socket timeout exception when query execution exceeds the project read timeout.