QR Code Component and Generator

Here is a signed, free module that creates a component that displays either a QR Code or UPC A code. You can get the bytes of this component with comp.getBytesPNG(). Also, there is a system script, system.qr.generateQRCode(String code, int width, int height), which will generate the QR code and return the byte array of the resultant PNG file. The system call also has keyword invocation, so it will default to creating a 100x100 png if you only pass in the code.
QRCode-module-signed.modl (126 KB)

Just an FYI, it seems this module is not compatible with Java version 1.5.X. I added the module and anything running Java 6 was fine but our terminal servers, which run Java 5 currently, would not run the client after logging in, they would just sit at the log in screen and not do anything. After I uninstalled this module everything worked fine.

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Yeah it was compiled for Java 6+. Try this one, its compiled for Java 5+
QRCode-module-signed.modl (126 KB)

Cool, thanks! I’ll check it out this week.

Did it end up working for you?

Sorry, I completely forgot to respond :blush: Yes, it works much better now, thank you!

Can you make a new QR Code module for Ignition 7.3 since the API changed a little?

Here is the QRCode Generator updated for Ignition 7.3 and API 3
QRCode-module-signed.modl (126 KB)

What are the chances of getting a version that will work with 7.5? :smiley:

Yes, we need it for version 7.5 as well.

Planning on making the QR Code component available on the Module Marketplace?

Hello All,
Sorry for the delay, I didnt even see this posted. I have a version that supports 7.5, and yes, it will be on the module marketplace.

Before I release the new version, however, there is a bit of work needed to prepare your Ignition system. On any window that uses the QR Code components, you need to SHIFT + RIGHT_CLICK on your window in the property viewer. You then need to click on “Copy XML to Clipboard”. Paste each windows XML into a XML file, and save for later.

Now, On all of the resulting xml files, you need to search for “com.ksbindustrial.qrcode.components.QRCode” and replace it with “com.koerr.client.components.qrcode.QRCode”

We changed the package name recently, that is why this change is required.

After you have done that, you can upgrade ignition plus the module. Once upgraded, enter the designer, copy the edited XML files to clipboard, then Shift + RIGHT_CLICK the window, and click “Set XML From Clipboard”. Save and try opening the window now, it should work.
QRCode Component.modl (126 KB)

As for me, I am testing another[/color] [color=#333333]java qr code generation[/color] [color=#333333]projects these days. Do you have any ideas about it? Or any good suggestion? Thanks in advance.

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