Qualified Values inside Vision Power Table

Datasets will accept Qualified Values when you put them in with system.dataset.ToDataSet(). This has the advantage of beeing able to do some logic on the quality inside the configureCell function of a Power Table.

However, what type should I use if I want to do the same with system.dataset.addColumn?

When I print the type of a Qualified Value it wil print <type ‘java.lang.Class’>. But when I import this in my script and put it in as the type it will tell me: “TypeError: can’t put element of type class in dataset.”

Don’t put a QualifiedValue directly in as a value.

How are you building your initial dataset? The Dataset interface supports quality-per-cell already:
You just need to construct your dataset in such a way that the quality data stays attached, which is a bit trickier.
If you’re doing it from scripting, the ‘easiest’ solution would probably be the overload of BasicDataset that accepts a 2D array of values and qualitycodes: