Quality Overlay on a Template not updating with UDT property

I’m passing a UDT to a template as a template property.
Just a label and a background color are bound within the template.
These bindings update fine when I change the tags within the UDT.
However, when the tags are changed to a NULL value (Unknown/Config error quality), the template fails to show the “?” Quality Overlay at first. The window that contains this template has to be closed and re-opened in the designer & client for the Unknown overlay to be seen.
Overlay opt-outs are not enabled on the bindings.

The entire UDT is subscribed, but apparently it does not receive updates for the quality changes until re-subscribing the tag (closing and opening window again).

Just hoping for a possible solution to this issue without having to switch over to indirect binding because I’m enjoying the drag-drop from tag browser to screen to create a template instance.

Let me know if you need any more information to help you solve my issue.
Thank you.

Is anyone able to reproduce this?

The tags that the template is binding to are expression tags that include comparisons with an OPC tag. When the OPC tag is NULL (bad quality) then the expression tag is also NULL (bad quality)

I was hoping that the template would show these quality changes, but like I said, that requires a window re-opening to re-subscribe to the tags I would assume.


I forgot to mention that this occurring with Ignition version 7.7.5