Quarantine Control Issue

just wanted to point out issue i found last night with the quarantine control interface. As you can see from shot here if you have transaction group in quarantine the string the the datatype column is so long it pushes the rest of the columns off the screen and you cant get to the retry or delete buttons.

What version of Ignition are you currently running where this is happening?

Usually there’s a horizontal scroll bar hidden at the bottom that you can use. If not, the version of Ignition and which browser you’re using will help us track it down.


No scroll bar on the bottom. We are running 7.5.1. I have tested on IE7,8,9,Chrome and Safari and they all do the same thing.

You’re right, something’s wrong with the CSS. We’ll have to see what we can do, I suspect we’ll get it fixed in time for 7.5.2.


Confirmed: Fixed for 7.5.2