Quarantine data of directly referenced OPC tags in transaction groups

Hi all,

Think I’m unfortunately going to know the answer to this, but I’ve created a lot of bunch of transaction groups all with their items directly referenced to their OPC source, i.e. they have no tags in Ignition to represent them. This seemed like the way to go originally as it was cleaner and cut down on unnecessary tag creation, but now that I have them all in operation I’ve run into an annoying downside of this method. I’ve had a couple of transactions get quarantined in the S&F system and now I’m trying to delve into the detail of what has caused them, but the exported quarantine XML isn’t decipherable, see below:

Is there any resolution or way to deal with this outside of going through and making tags for every single item in every single transaction group I’ve created…? Assume quarantine data can’t be processed without Ignition tags, is there a quick way to build the tags out from the transaction groups into Ignition?


Why can’t you decode the base64?

I had no idea that it was possible! Thanks for the heads up!