Quarantined Data Error "Invalid object name 'sqlt_data_3_2010_12'

I started getting this error after we moved our SQL data from the C drive to the D drive of the virtual machine that the database resides on. Everything seems to be trending correctly, even the tags that are complaining about an invalid object name in the quarantined data export. What concerns me is that the object name it is complaining about has never existed in our DB. The earliest data we have is from June 2019, in a table named ‘sqlt_data_3_2019_6’. Any ideas on how to correct this issue?

We are using MSSQL Server 17 & Ignition Version 8.0.5

Update: I restarted the gateway and this issue went away.

I may have jumped the gun. After a few minutes the quarantined data began to reappear with the same reason. After the switch to the D drive yesterday, I also enabled the data pruning feature under the tag history. Disabling/re-enabling this seems to have fixed the issue for now.