Query about challenge question on Report Data Lesson

Hello all,

I have a query about a particular question in the topic challenge for the report data topic.


Static CSV Data Sources don’t need quotes around values because all columns are read as strings.

The ‘correct’ answer is True.

I think this is incorrect- I believe it is False because:

(The video can be viewed through “review video for help with this answer”)

  • The video identifies 3 columns: 1st as integers, 2nd as floats, 3rd as strings (at 0:30).
  • The video goes on to show numerical addition of column 1 and 2, but not column 3. (at 1:26)

Therefore the above statement fails on the second part (NOT all columns are read as strings) in both cases?

Does this make sense to people, or should I run off now with my tail between my legs?

I think the point the question is trying to make is that the “CSV” format the data source expects is very lenient. If you want to quote all your values, that’s just fine, but you don’t have to. That is:

Column1, Column2, Column3, Column4
String value, 5.97, 3.14, "a string"
Another string, 8.1, 3.14, "a string 2"

There is additional handling elsewhere in reporting to parse the actual type of the values, but I believe it’s done as a “last mile” kind of effort, rather than when the data is ingested. So I would say the question isn’t wrong, per se, but it’s not a very good question :slight_smile: