Query Binding to Transform Indirect Tag

I dont know why I am having issues with this I know I have done it before but cant seem to get it to work on this project, I am confusing something simple I am sure.

I have a query binding that returns an integer, say like Job Number for example, from a database, I then have a Transform Expression to bind the returned value to a tag path, so that no matter what integer the query returns it will always find the correct tag to search it with.
I am trying to do this:
{[default]Job/Job {value}}
where value is the retuned value from the query beforehand, but obviously this doesnt work in an expression because of the double { } braces.

Figured it out I needed to use a script like so:

tag = system.tag.read("[default]Job/Job "+str(value))
	return tag

Don’t do it all in one binding. Allow the query to be stored in a property. Use that property in the references of an indirect tag binding. No script required. (Transform scripts are much slower.) Also allows bidirectional on the tag.

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Normally that is what I would do, but I was requested to find a way to complete it in a single binding for testing purposes. We will likely use your method.