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Hello everyone,

Why is the query browser limited to 1000 rows?



I’m not on a machine where I can test it, but according to this thread, it appears that increasing the limit in your query (with the LIMIT or TOP keyword) will increase the number of rows displayed in the results, but that there is currently no way to adjust the default row limit in the Ignition Query Browser.

In other words, the Query Browser adds a “LIMIT 1000 / TOP 1000” to your query if you do not specify one. I imagine this was done to protect you from unintentionally running slow queries on huge tables.

This would explain it, thanks.
I should have searched the forum as I usually do, so please delete this useless topic!

I am using an Oracle Database, and it does not accept a LIMIT Clause. When Using the Browser, I can get the return data to look EXACTLY how I want it by choosing the Limit to be 10. Does anyone know what clause the Browser creates for a LIMIT in an Oracle DB?

I think this is what you’re looking for:


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Had to run a subquery with the ORDER BY first, and then apply ROWNUM <= 10, in order to display the return values properly.