Query Errors on Client Network Loss

OK, I have a system running now that has operator control running Ignition on a Windows XP machine, and two remote status screens using mini PCs running Ubuntu driving large-format displays. Everything works fine under normal operation, but if the network connection is lost for any reason, the Easy Charts (using on the two status screens throw query errors, requiring someone (usually me) to go to the site and log into the Linux boxes to close the error popups. My two questions are:

  1. Is there any way to suppress the error popups only on the two status screens?
  2. If I install the Vision Panel edition on the two Linux boxes, am I going to be able to continue using the Easy Chart, or will I need to do something like this?
  1. I’ve added a ticket to modify the easy chart so that it doesn’t pop up error messages - this is an oversight on our part.
  2. Yeah, if you use the Vision Panel Edition and want trends, you’d have to hack something together like that post suggested.


I just wanted to touch base and see if there was a timeframe yet on the fix for this? I’m up to 7.2.5, and still have errors popping up on my status displays. Thanks!

This has been fixed for 7.2.6.

Great, thanks!