Query for planned downtime


I would like to perform some data analysis for the amount of time our lines are in a planned downtime event. I would like to split each catagory into the subsequent reasons. For example for last week I should be able to run an analysis that says we had X minutes of planned downtime for the following reasons: Y minutes of “Changeover”, Z minutes of “Lunch”, etc.

However I cannot find the appropriate analysis tool to perform this query. I did confirm that we have planned downtime events in the system.

My goal is to account for 100% of a spread of time as either, Running, Planned Downtime, Unplanned Downtime.


Ignition is a powerful tool for getting any answer that you want. Dream it, do it! That’s what they say and that’s what it does. I reviewed the current Ignition design and there is nothing there that explicitly does this, but anything can be created. You should contact someone about reviewing your situation and coming up with a design of what you want.

Just to confirm, are you running the OEE module currently to track downtime events?
If so, the analysis controller allows viewing all downtime, planned and unplanned, during the run.

If you are not using the OEE/Downtime module you should contact an account rep for a demo and a discussion for what you desire.

This functionality is easily attainable with the module.


For the benefits of the discussion I would like to disclose that my organization is currently using the OEE module.

Also, the purpose of the question is to find a way to have planned downtime as a data point. I can see the planned downtime during the run. Its after the run while performing the analysis that I would like to analyize the sources of planned downtime.

For breaks and lunches you could define reasons and set them to Planned downtime. Then if you define a workday routine for the break time and set the reason code property to the break reason code the system will set the line to that code at that time. The workday routine overrides any code that is currently occurring. You could also have the PLC send the code to the SQL tag.

To record changeover you would want to select the schedule run at the beginning of changeover, but not start the run. When changeover is complete then the operator would start the run. Now the run will have the changeover time recorded.

With the RUN analysis provider tools you can select the Elapsed time of the run, the changeover time of the run and the actual run production time, run downtime and run planned downtime.

With the DOWNTIME analysis provider tools you can select recordable and planned downtime events showing the begin and end time of each event.

This data can then be pushed into the reporting tool. The OEEDemo project contains a shift report that is a good starting point for seeing how to get these values.


With the DOWNTIME analysis provider set the filter “Recordable Downtime” to “Include All”. Then the planned downtime will display.

Thanks for the advice. I can now have a section in my report generator for planned and unplanned downtime.

I would suggest for the MES module to make it easier to catagorize all sources of downtime and uptime during the day.

For example in a 480 min shift, a production line may experience 100 min of unplanned downtime, 150 min of planned downtime, and 230 min of producing time. If we don’t schedule the line to run the next shift I cannot see a way to capture the next 12 hours as unscheduled time and associate it with planned downtime.