Query stops updating

I have a XY Chart and a table. Both objects have the same query-binding as dataSource. Both queries have a polling rate of 20 sec.

The problem is that the queries stops updating after a while. I verified this by adding a LED display for each object which is increased by 1 every time the query for that object runs. After a while, and sometime immediately, the counter stops increasing. Sometimes the query for the table stops, sometimes the query for the XY Chart stops and sometimes both. It doesn’t help to refresh the page but I have to close the tab and open a new one to make the query start update again.

I also have a progress bar on the page which is connected to an other query and that keeps updating as it should.

Has anyone any idea what the problem can be or have any suggestion how I can continue troubleshooting to narrow it down where the problem is?

I am using perspective in Ignition 8.0.14

Best regards

I want to add that I have an input parameter to the query which is connected to a dropdown list. If I change the value of that object after the query stopped updating, the query starts updating again.

When I check the Bypass Cache checkbox in the query option it seems to solve the problem. But I don’t understand why. Does anyone have an explanation why this works?