Query Tag Binding Question

Good afternoon Team,

One final question today.

I have created a query tag that I bound to the ‘selected’ value on my toggle switch. The tag value from the db is Boolean. I need it to be Enabled or Disabled. I tried to use a transform on the 1,0 value from the tag binding but it only shows null. I then tried to do a mapping on the toggle switch text thinking I could map the 1,0 to Enabled or Disabled.

It did not work. Any ideas as to why?

Your tag value is a string (Note the selected value is green. Also, hovering over the little error triangle will give you hints).

I would normally recommend ending up with a boolean type for your tag, but if it’s not possible, then add a map to the selected property:

The map for the label text then becomes:

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Thanks again Jordan, I thought that it might be a value issue but was not sure how to change it to string.

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