Query Tag drops connection to existing database in gateway

I am running Ignition as trial for local development purposes so our main production server isn't bogged down.
I have multiple query tags which frequently error with the following diagnostic message: The database connection 'ShopOrderData' does not exist. I find this odd since the connection does exist in the gateway. This isn't specific to one database either.

I have tried querying the DB from the scripting console and I get no errors. I am able to fix the tag by reformatting the query and saving the change. Once I save the new change to the tag it goes back to normal and connects to the DB.

Question: Is this related to the SQL bridge being disabled after the trial expires? If not, why do my tags lose connection so frequently?

This isn't an issue for our main production server.

This is due to the Gateway being in Trial mode. When the trial mode is restarted, does the error continue to occur?

The error persists across trial restarts. I have to go to the query tag in question and edit the query (reformat usually) and save in order for it to actually refresh the connection and the error disappears. I am on version 8.0.12.

Pssst! v8.0 has been end-of-life for a long time now. You can upgrade to v8.0.17 to see if that fixes it, but brace yourself for a v8.1 upgrade. (v8.1 is an LTS. v8.0 was not, following longstanding IA policies.)

Yeah I figured it had something to do with being on an old version. Thanks.