Query tag issue

I am working on a screen in ignition Where I have added a numeric field and linked it with a memory tag but whenever my numeric field is empty it shows me an error.

Basically I have made 2 tags one is memory and the other query, as soon as my memory tag is empty/null the query tag which uses the value of my memory tag gets an error .It will be a great help if anyone guides me to resolve the error.

Thank you,

Without knowing the how the values of the tag are being written to (I am guessing it is happening via your screen), there are a couple of ways to handle this scenario:

  1. On your Ignition screen where you write a value to the tag, check for an invalid condition and prevent writing to the tag (or write something that makes sense for the invalid condition)
  2. Create and expression tag with a try function that returns the value of your memory tag that could catch any exception and return a relevant failover value. You would then use the expression tag within your query binding.