Query tags not updating in Ignition

Hi all;

We have a series of query tags based off of a Sql Server datastore. These were working fine until a week or so ago, and now we see that they’re not updating according to their polling frequency (about 10 seconds). The Sql box doesn’t appear to be under stress, and focussing on one query I can see the requests in Profiler every 10 seconds as expected. Running the query manually shows no errors. The query is hardcoded in Ignition for the tag (i.e. no wildcards or parameters). The database shows as available, there are no errors in the log and the longest query against the DB shows at 500 ms or so. This also doesn’t appear to be a deadband issue. Any suggestions as to where to try next? We’re on Ignition 8.0.10.


I’m experiencing the same issue. Did you ever find a solution?

Found my problem. Needed to set the “Execution Mode” to Tag Group.